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Camdec Industries offer a 24 hour around the clock service to industries with equipment break down that requires repair work or replacement.

We offer specialised skills to:

  • Rigging - remove, repair and reinstall any heavy equipment.

  • Conveyors - Repair conveyor systems, splicing of belts, replacing of belts.

  • Cable systems or pully systems - Regular inspections, replace cable splicing, lubrication.

  • Sand Blasting - Beams, columns, support structure, all steel structures required to be recoated.

  • Spray Painting - Sand blasted items according to company paint codes.

  • Non-Destructive Testing - Structural, lifting points welding integrity point and lifting points.

  • Support Shutdowns

  • Material - Replacement of any production items.

  • Training Facility - Rigging, Lifting Gear Inspection and Maintenance, Lifting Operations, Wire Rope Inspections and Industrial Safety Courses

  • Concrete Mouldings - Personalized mouldings e.g. bases, pillars etc.200mmØ to 300mmØ.


We focus on large production plants such as cement plants, sugar producing plants, quarries, factories and municipal facilities. This market segment relies on a frequent maintenance program to function well and to yield their production requirements. They all require a quality service rendered at an affordable price.

WHY US?...

  • 12 years of heavy lifting experience and an impeccable safety record.

  • 12 years of international safety experience from working at height, confine space to safe work systems.

  • Camdec Industries will add value to the safety records of industries they arecontracted to.

  • The company can provide a rapid service located close to geographic industrial area.

  • Camdec Industries can render a service required by their future clients.