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The Ultimate maintenance requirements for Your construction Industrial, commercial or residential.

Camdec Industries offer a 24 hour around the clock service to industries with equipment break down that requires repair work or replacement.

We offer specialised skills to:

  • Rigging - remove, repair and reinstall any heavy equipment.

  • Conveyors - Repair conveyor systems, splicing of belts, replacing of belts.

  • Cable systems or pully systems - Regular inspections, replace cable splicing, lubrication.

  • Sand Blasting - Beams, columns, support structure, all steel structures required to be recoated.

  • Spray Painting - Sand blasted items according to company paint codes.

  • Non-Destructive Testing - Structural, lifting points welding integrity point and lifting points.

  • Support Shutdowns

  • Material - Replacement of any production items.

  • Training Facility - Rigging, Lifting Gear Inspection and Maintenance, Lifting Operations, Wire Rope Inspections and Industrial Safety Courses

  • Concrete Mouldings - Personalized mouldings e.g. bases, pillars etc.200mmØ to 300mmØ.